I have always been very passionate about art, painting and design throughout my life. I have consistently had a knack for multi-media in my artwork and designs.In my formative years I spent most of my time drawing, painting and designing and playing music. When I was young I was not sure what kind of career I would choose though. In 1986 I met a retired sign maker. I would visit him and ask him many questions about signs. I eventually, through desire and enthusiasm I went out and bought some paints and lettering enamels. I had no knowledge of making signs, but really thought it was cool seeing this man’s vehicle all lettered with all kinds of letter styles, with outlines and drop shadows. It reminded me of when my father would take us to the drag strips. I really liked all the designs and graphics that were used.

On a number of occasions I would visit a local sign shop and help him for free, just to learn techniques. In several months a local sign shop hired me down the street as an apprentice. I enjoyed going to work for them everyday, it was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to learn everything I could on every project. I painted substrates, hand-lettered, painted billboards, glass, plywood, many vehicles and custom magnetic signs. I excelled quickly in my ability as a sign maker.

I decided to move to Florida in 1990. I moved to a tourist vacation town in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. I continued my apprenticeship. I made signs, designed, customized posts, painted and installed them for two small sign shops. After a year I was offered a position to manage the sign lettering and design department in Destin, Florida. I worked at Himes Signs for 4 1/2 years. I decided to move back to Illinois after that season and opened my own sign company. I began the company in 1997. I have been designing and handcrafting signs of all kinds since. I currently have the same passion for signs and designs as I did earlier. I find great fulfillment in creating signs, graphics, and lettering vehicles that are eye-catching and effective.

I have been now for 18+ years applying graphics and vinyl lettering to fleet vehicles, cargo trailers, glass decals and lettering, hand crafted sandblasted signs, banners, magnetic vehicle signs, and site signs have been our specialty including many other types of signs.

Surfside Signs would like the opportunity to serve your company long term, and to exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression. Request a quote or call us at 850-812-9990.