Sandblasted Signs

Handcrafted Sandblasted Signs

At Surfside Signs each of our Sandblasted Signs are handcrafted clear heart western red cedar. Sandblasted Signs can be used for interior or exterior purposes is an excellent choice. Clear heart western red cedar Sandblasted Signs resist rotting and is pervious to insects. Surfside Signs Sandblasted Signs are effective eye-catching signs that are 3 dimensional with a unique horizontal or vertical grain pattern and texture that is one of a kind. Each handcrafted Sandblasted Sign can be custom cut to any size or or shape for any application. Sandblasted Signs have been a standard for residential entrances, forest preserves, lobby signs and directional signs for many decades. Sandblasted Signs have a visual impact like no other, due to it’s beautiful grain and design. Set between two decorative posts, it is effective. One advantage of a western red cedar Sandblasted Sign, is it’s ability to resist the outdoor elements and it’s various conditions. At Surfside Signs our handcrafted Sandblasted Signs are finish coated with some of the industries leading quality primers and high pigmented base lettering enamels.

HDU (High Density Urethane) is also another popular choice for Handcrafted Sandblasted Signs. It is also impervious to insects and rotting. It is unaffected by the outdoor weather conditions. it has a consistent ability to expand and contract. It is light weight, yet durable.

Handcrafted Sandblasted Signs can have a pebble background, a grain either horizontal or vertical depending on the application and can also be hand carved. HDU also visually looks like wood yet lacks durability like western red cedar.

Surfside Signs would like the opportunity to serve your company long term, and to exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression.